No Good Art In Paradise

by Cameron Toy

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NGAIP was written and produced between July 2016 and June 2017 in Brooklyn, NY, Brunswick and Portland, ME, and Bakersfield, CA. Special thanks to Caroline Kittredge Faustine, Kaela Garvin, Barbara Begley, Molly Liu, Cris Neglia, Michael Doshier, Viz Stroppini, Ana Ryden, Em Woods, Sean Navejas, and Anthony Resta for your talent, feedback and support.

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released June 15, 2017

Written and produced by Cameron Toy (

Features written and performed by:
Dripkiss, Sean Navejas, and Vicious Whisper




Cameron Toy Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Empty Street
I found a mostly empty street, perfect for meeting in the middle.
Hurry before my body wakes from a whole day gluing back the pieces.

If you're ready for it - the end your world's gonna come to.
If you focus the peripheral, phantom's gonna show you the way.
If you're ready for it, it don't mean love's gonna find you.
Dancing for the rains to come, you just stand in one place.

I built a mostly quiet house with the exception of incessant creaking.
Emptied the bank just to pass the time. Said so much for the renovation.

And I believe I make a better window than a door.
So you can watch your fucking show. I won't interrupt you anymore.
I believe in catharsis in destruction.
But you should watch your fucking tongue,
your voice been cracking all along.

And I don't blame you for what you have to do.
Found a constellation for your prophecy, better see it through.
Track Name: Paradise01
You've got your own way of showing it. It's so distracting how you live. I said to leave it . Don't be absurd. Don't convince yourself there's love in words.

You got a cigarette? I won't leave you, it's just a habit. I can give you things. Your real name - it's always the same. Don't look at me to give it away.
Track Name: Literally A Force Of Evil
Scratching at it, I guess skin ain't as thick as you thought it were.
A force of evil rolling in fast, caught it skitching off the tailwind.
Trace it back to me. You were only nineteen,
Making feathers fly. There's a greater force to reckon with.
Might as well give it to them. Might as well empty it.

And if you ever get a break from me,
bombing through the woods faster than science believed,
consider it a gift from all the birthdays I missed.
They don't give a ticket to just anyone.
Keep heading for the cliff, ignore the signage, babe.
Relax, everything's erased.

Yes, you're impressing everyone and oh my god everyone's a cop. You do anything you want.
A force of evil, racing home and back with its tail between its legs.
This time I don't even wanna know - you show up with a stomach full of flesh dragging molasses slow.
We have the same talk, we spill the same wine, and I'll have the usual.

And if you ever get a break from me,
popped tire tying not to make a scene,
consider it a gift from everyone you told to eat shit.
They don't give a ticket to just anyone.
Keep heading for the cliff, embrace the wreckage, babe.
Relax, everything's erased.
Track Name: Mother Goose's Big Ass Band (feat. Dripkiss)
Could you tell me apart when you're checking back to see what you lost?
I need a big band now, drown out the earth's cracking down the middle
when you say I can't come with you.
Blow the horns in my ears. Send the whole brigade to tell us.
If it's the last thing I hear, I'll remember it as well as mother goose
running her mouth while I'm scraping my knees.
Calloused feet on warm ground as we crash into the lighthouse as the light went out.
And it's happening again, now. Fighting off the urge for last words.

I can't be replaced, so you must've wanted someone else anyway.
I caught you looking back. Not that I was looking - I was just checking to see where you're at.

I'm not the one who gets to see the very best of you.
I'm trying to forget you. Right now it's hard to vex you.
The nights are cold. I was told I would get so old.
Days are warm but the nights are cold.
You and me amount to nothing. Pray every day.

In the moment I'm scared that I will blow it.
I smoke atlantic oceans. Our last words were not spoken.
Told me you had a wild side. Pray nobody notices when the cars go by.
They can tell from our eyes and mild side - I never wanna say good night.
I'm not the one who gets to see the very best of you.

Keep it holy. Saturday night, act like you don't even know me.
Come for the sights, leave 'cause of the company.
You leave so suddenly.
Reading your face by the bathroom light. There's space for you on the couch.
So come here and prove that you an't thought of me.
Your favorite cold sweat drenched anxiety when I can't be replaced.
Track Name: Strip Mall Cop
If you're stalling for action, know all your brothers and sisters sound just like you.
Hesitate for a moment. Go ahead, pack up the altar and take it with you.
When you go I promise I will notice. Everywhere you go I promise I will notice.

You leave streaks fucking up the parking lot, mid donut stop.
What's a strip mall cop even gonna do?
We only came to leave a mark - I guess it wasn't very hard.

We've already got a pothole, might as well dig ourselves a moat -
something worth swimming through. Said, I need it deeper.
We've already got a moat, might as well make this house an island,
and it won't change nothing. Said, I need it deeper.
And your pearls came off, and the tide came in.
Said make it deeper and swim.
Track Name: Dedication Music
Psych minor says I'm not made to produce love.
Spat on the ground and fucked all of us and everyone.
When you move I splatter like a smashed guitar.
She said, I already had it all, brushed it off like a grain of salt.

And I don't want no part of it, but through the screen, though.
I don't want no part of it, so why can't I stop writing your dedication music?
And we don't need the brakes to slow down,
and I don't need headlights with you around,
And if we dump the cargo maybe we could even float.
Rope around, hold it down, you know.

And I don't give a fuck,
turn water into fact if you say it enough.
When I move you splatter like a cherry bomb -
checked the mail, got my fingers blown off.

Take this if you need a light,
gasoline to make it bright.
With the win, uranium.
We never even saw the fight.
Track Name: Ghoststock
Don't believe a single word he says.
Call up the big hero, kid president.
You and me know the sun'll rise tomorrow
but two and two may equal five.
And ain't that the start of it?
Live feeding nero's fiddle solo
climbing up the walls and jumping from the top till it's over.

Driving with the top down -
just had to scrape the overhang.
See what comes off, the median littered with the dead.
And I don't burn roach, I smoke medicine.
Most accessible one of twenty seventeen.
And there's an aneurism in here.
Said, click into place.
We don't lockout, we chain link and lockdown.
Remember it's not the first time
the cloven hoof's come down or been down.
Surrounded, can you still ignore it?

Don't believe a single word he says.
Call up the big hero, spit out the sugar, we're here to stay.
Clouds came.
We wouldn't be here if we couldn't handle some acid rainy weather.
Trace it back to that heartbeat, a shared history.
The moment we can articulate the difference we're trading
ghost stock in empty condos, ETP,
the masks we made when the cloud burst,
the body defined as a machine.
It's your call to stay sleeping.
Track Name: Ship Of Tools
Get up, but not because
you hurt yourself when you kill someone.
I won't be part of another broken skull today.
Don't fucking tell me to compose myself,
the mirror's screaming back.
Born from the point to the hilt of the stab.
In your favorite timeline you got it right -
sniper sight aligned downriver between us and the setting sun.

And it's you and me and everyone now,
and they're calling names at the gate now.
Why do all these people look like Olsens? It's a full house.

Have you considered moving out of the way?
'Cause everybody knows there's not enough room in the boat.
Told, give it time, said, give 'em hell.
Sure I considered leaving the states.
You know the kingdom starts with you unless you run away.
Told, give it time, said, give 'em hell.

And if you catch an urge to slow it down
in the middle of a crowd saying no,
sew your skin to the double line.
Said, don't cry over a nation's fire,
flint kicked together since the colony.
And you wonder why time is so cool to fascists.
In your writer's block just wrote radicalize - you barely even try. Flip me over, burned on the side, me and my friends birthed in fire, tried so hard to nurture liars.
Dig and tell me what you find.

And they're gathered at the square now,
and the border's getting vague now.
Wear your dirt with pride. You're damn right we push gravity like
we're fighting but not to get out.
Track Name: White Vans (feat. Sean Navejas and ROAMS)
Put your right hand in, spread your schematic out,
it's just another hour in the land of milk and honey,
but all I taste is ash.
Cure your curiosity, and carry on
like you've already answered everything,
like you know you're right.
You know I love it when you speak to me
like we're the only ones left alive,
so I'm the killer.

And I'd make the same mistakes every god damn time.
I was looking out for you, you were looking out for someone to cut.
Told you I'd had enough.

And I love it when you call your brother down,
said, come check this out -
your maiden name carved out in flame on the front lawn.
And I hate it when the captain beams me up,
affection floating, personified, it's horrifying.

Way too drunk just to let it go.
That's twenty-one years gone out the door.
Way too close to be comfortable,
and that's way too much for any metaphor.
You came in and stole the show,
hands clap just to let you know
what you are without simply saying,
can't let you stay, always on my brain.
I'm sure one day I'll forget it all,
but there's nothing here left to break apart.
I can't take the pressure.
I gave you the best of me
just so you could go and mess up.
Now there's nothing left but this shattered glass
all over my battered past, and I can't even be mad at that, and

there's only so much time left for honesty,
and they're gonna get to me eventually.
Grind me up and send me home.
Lit a match and now the room's flooded in marigold.

When I look around all that I can see is white vans.
Track Name: Jude Law (feat. Vicious Whisper)
(Vicious Whisper)
There goes the new pope.
Same as the old pope.
This one's the young pope.
I think there's no hope, though.
Luke Skywalker's dead, though.
He's crying in the sky somewhere.
He's living on an island somewhere.
All he does is masturbate to the thought of his big bear daddy -
Darth Vader covered in hair and Chewbacca's (inaudible) hair.

I'm older than the gutenberg bible.
I've been around.
I invented the typeface that I wrote the word god down.
Jude law's been looking at my handy work for years
and now he can get a good face full of heres.

Oh, Roman legion is disease.
That's what you're gonna get from me -
I am a walking STD.
That D stands for devil 'cause I'm motherfucking evil.
You can just call me up, I've got a hundred one dalmatians -
Cruella devil.

I want to see the pope buried knee deep in my pussy hair.
I want to see the pope begging underneath my knee for air.
I want to see the pope hailing me - I'm the only care he has left.
I want to strip it all from him 'cause I deserve the lord servant's best.

Jude Law, I love you - won't you please stay with me?
Jude Law, you gotta tell me about the movie gravity.
Track Name: I-295 Fogmonster
Thought I'd be having more fun on this trip -
it's just horrible visions and shit.
Pray for the only thing that never changes
and I thought we learned our lesson about fucking with time?
It's about fucking time. The bottle keeps coming back,
my own message that's still sealed inside.
I love you, I do.
I love you, I don't.

Now you try one and tell me your day isn't better when you're barely even
there when needed tell me your day isn't better without memorize and bridge out signs.
Track Name: Cut A Rug
Don't it suck to see that sun still rising?
Squinting hard to tell those worlds apart.
The disparition's only in your head, you know.
You can't contain the one who swears they owned you when
the chain was slipping off your neck again.
What was I supposed to do?

You said you wanted to. And I've felt worse.
I cut a rug, cut out my own tongue.
Am I the first to know when you talk to me when you're all alone.
Cut a rug, cut out my own tongue.

Turns out hell is better frozen over.
You're talking status quo. It gets so boring.
You know - it's just - you almost slipped away this year.
I can't explain myself the way your circumvent -
so eloquently crawling out your skin.
What was I supposed to do?