White Vans (feat. Sean Navejas and ROAMS)

from by Cameron Toy

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Backing vocals performed by ROAMS.


Put your right hand in, spread your schematic out,
it's just another hour in the land of milk and honey,
but all I taste is ash.
Cure your curiosity, and carry on
like you've already answered everything,
like you know you're right.
You know I love it when you speak to me
like we're the only ones left alive,
so I'm the killer.

And I'd make the same mistakes every god damn time.
I was looking out for you, you were looking out for someone to cut.
Told you I'd had enough.

And I love it when you call your brother down,
said, come check this out -
your maiden name carved out in flame on the front lawn.
And I hate it when the captain beams me up,
affection floating, personified, it's horrifying.

Way too drunk just to let it go.
That's twenty-one years gone out the door.
Way too close to be comfortable,
and that's way too much for any metaphor.
You came in and stole the show,
hands clap just to let you know
what you are without simply saying,
can't let you stay, always on my brain.
I'm sure one day I'll forget it all,
but there's nothing here left to break apart.
I can't take the pressure.
I gave you the best of me
just so you could go and mess up.
Now there's nothing left but this shattered glass
all over my battered past, and I can't even be mad at that, and

there's only so much time left for honesty,
and they're gonna get to me eventually.
Grind me up and send me home.
Lit a match and now the room's flooded in marigold.

When I look around all that I can see is white vans.


from No Good Art In Paradise, released June 15, 2017




Cameron Toy Brooklyn, New York

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